A Conference Tradition

In my family growing up cinnamon rolls were a treat to eat that were indicative of a special occasion. In my own family now I tried to implement that as well. However, I love cinnamon rolls so much that I've now made them too much, taking away from the specialness of them. 

So what am I going on and on about a special occasion  Well this weekend is General Conference for my church. Every 6 months church leaders, including THE Prophet and his apostles gather together in Salt Lake City, UT to share inspired messages about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To watch conference click here. So you see, we have a special occasion, so we need a special treat. That's why starting last October conference we went to Krispy Kreme and we will now continue that tradition from now on.

I love going to Krispy Kreme in NC because we get to drive to Chapel Hill. I love Chapel Hill so much because it reminds me of the charm of my beloved downtown Saratoga Springs, NY. The brick buildings and churches of other faiths, paired with strange statues/artwork that make you feel uncomfortable are only some of the things I look forward to when visiting Chapel Hill. Let's not forget about the main reason for this trip though, keep your eye on the prize, Krispy Kreme! 

 Que the awkward art that makes you feel awkward.
 Pretty church building with no clouds in sight!
 Old fashion drug store!
 Where the goods are kept ;)
 Krispy baby and a hubby with a nasty beard that has GOT TO GO! Don't worry I've tried to get it to go but he just won't do it! We finally made a bet that if he gets a speeding ticket in the new car before me he has to shave it. I'm praying for a ticket people, praying hard. 
And the beautiful donuts that make me oh so very happy! 


  1. Haha I just tell Gregg he doesn't get any kisses until he shaves because it hurts me. Usually works even though he knows i'd cave.

  2. Firstly, I totally agree with the beard thing. Beards can become less than pleasant. Secondly, I like that you are trying to find a tradition for conference. In my family, we didn't really have a lot of things that we did EVERY TIME and that needed to happen. We just listened to conference and talked about it as a family. The little kids would get to do Conference Bingo and get treats for it.

    I'm Natashya, by the way. I came from Suzzie's blog from the cupcake post, and then I started poking around a little bit. You have a cute blog.