Feeling Pretty Inspired

I love being completely inspired by all the beauty that is just in our little complex here in Durham. Not that Utah wasn't beautiful, because it is. Those mountains are magnificent! But the colors that are coming out around here this spring are just amazing! I haven't seen such pretty spring colors since leaving NY over 3 years ago! Which I really can't believe it's been that long! 

 The other day when I was getting fed up with trying to get Jay to eat his food, I looked out the window and just noticed that everything around us outside seemed to have just bloomed overnight. So I grabbed my camera, left Jay in the high chair, don't judge, and ran outside real quick so I could snap these pics!

You want to know what else is making me feel pretty inspired lately? Getting to listen to General Conference just one more day. I love listening to conference and getting to here what we need to be improving in our lives. Yesterdays talks had to do a lot with strong family units and Satan's attack on the family and on our bodies. I just love listening to conference. It's a spiritual recharge every 6 months.  

 My favorite part of conference though would definitely be the announcement of new temples. Even when they're going to be places that aren't around me, or anywhere near specific people in my life. This conference they announced new temples for Cedar City, UT, and Rio De Janerio, Brazil. I was so excited for the one in Brazil and pray that it's completed and dedicated in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics. It would be so amazing if all the people that are going to flock to Rio, who are of different races, cultures, and religions, would get to see such a magnificent wonder when they are there. 

Thanks for letting me ramble your ear off today! And remember if you are looking for a little spiritual pick me up in your life, tune into conference right here. At noon and 4pm eastern time!

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  1. I loved conference too! It was so inspiring. I'm so grateful to have a strong family, I don't know what I would do without zac and all of his support. It's crazy to me to think that I used to get by without him.