Finally Have a Wii Game!

When Derek and I first got married he bought a PS3 and I was pretty upset about it. To make it up to me he bought me a Wii off of craigslist. NOTE: my complaint wasn't that he bought something for himself and didn't get me anything, my complaint was that he bought a PS3 and was going to play Call of Duty all the time which does upset me, but he knew of my strong love for Mario and thought a Wii would make me less frustrated. Won't lie, it did :). But, we didn't buy any Wii games, we just downloaded one Super Nintendo game on to the Wii and then I had one Game Cube game from high school that worked on the Wii, but we had no official Wii games!

Tonight we went to a scout fundraiser at church to help the scouts raise money for their camping trip in Wyoming this summer. One of the silent Auction items was Super Paper Mario, a Wii game that I had been wanting to play, FOREVER! I put my name down on the $10 line thinking someone would surly out bid me, but they didn't! So now I finally have a Wii game! I'm so excited to play it when the semester  is over and I actually have a pinch of personal time again!

My winnings!

Also, in the life of Derek and I right now, we're teaching the Temple Prep class right now each Sunday in church and it is going really well right now! Our first Sunday teaching was last Sunday and we will go until June 23rd. It's so fun to prepare lessons together, and then watch Derek teach during his half of the lesson. There's nothing dreamier then listening to your husband talk about the Gospel. Just sayin'! 

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