Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

  • Sitting in a quite living room with baby pants thrown in the middle of the floor
  • Rocking your baby to sleep 30 minutes after they've already passed out, just because
  • Looking back on pictures from the past year and being amazed at how far you've come
  • Seeing heaven's hand playing huge roles in your life, again, and again
  • Watching little plants growing in your garden
  • Knowing you have family that loves you lots, and lots
  • Knowing some day you might actually get to live in Idaho, and not in North Carolina
  • Being grateful that we do live in North Carolina
  • Still wanting to live in potato country anyways
  • Having a husband who will get home from work in 30 minutes and yell at me for not being in bed
  • Playing with the little ring on my hand
  • Telling everyone about your little bits of happiness.

Thanks for putting up with my nonsense tonight ;)

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