Our Week

This week Derek started working second shift. Like he was supposed to be doing when we moved here. He now works Monday-Friday from 3pm-12am. I thought it was going to be terrible but so far I'm actually kind of enjoying it. I get to do my homework for a few hours after Jay goes to bed while I wait for Derek to get home and then we go to bed, and Jay has been waking up at 9am lately so we're getting full nights of sleep. It's actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

One thing that I haven't written about on the blog I think, that we do every week is baby play group. There are about 7 babies in our ward that are all boys and are all under the age of 1. Every Thursday we all get together and have them play and it has been so fun!  I think a huge reason as to why adjusting to NC was so easy for me was because  of the friends I've made from play group. It's such a fun way to get out of the house during the week. And sometimes when we have rough days, it's the one thing I get to keep looking forward to every week! All the babies have birthday's coming up pretty soon though which is SO exciting! Zac is the first one to have a birthday on Memorial day, followed by Benjamin, then Luke, then Jay, then Lincoln, then Landon, then Rougan (probably spelt wrong!) But it's been so fun to get to see all our babies getting bigger together!

It's been pretty bipolar as far as the weather goes lately. It's either been really sunny, or thundering! But it's been great for my garden! I haven't had to worry about anything this week because mother nature is taking care of it for me! I can already tell my plants are getting so much bigger and they've only been in the ground for a week!

This week I also bought my plane tickets for Utah. I'll be there August 21-24th for Haley's wedding. I'll be flying out by myself and Derek is going to stay home with Jay for the few days. Originally we were going to go together but then we realized we wanted to go to Idaho more for Christmas than we did in the summer, and it would have been a lot of money to do both trips, so it's just going to be me in August and the both of us in December. PS I'm going to be by myself on my birthday without Derek and Jay and I'm pretty sad about it! But at least Haley is getting married which is amazing and I'm so happy for her, so I guess it's completely worth it!

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