The Shop is Open

All my friends have been opening stores lately and it's really inspired me to open up my own little Etsy shop and see where it takes me. While living in Provo I worked for a company, Called to Serve, that sent care packages to missionaries. I was really disappointed when I started working there to learn that the "homemade" baked goods were actually purchased from the grocery store down the street.

I then decided, 2 years ago, that it would be awesome if someone sent missionaries, or anyone in need of a baked good, something that was actually homemade. That's why I decided to open a little Etsy shop where you can buy your loved ones baked goods from tried and true family recipes, that taste delicious and are made with love!

Check out my humble little shop here!

Also, in the next week or so my plan is to get some awesome care packages up on the shop as well! Any inputs, advice, comments, criticism, and feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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