A Box and Grilled Cheese

Today I had to go to Sam's to get more diapers. On the way home I realized that Derek and I had been terrible parents because we had yet to let Jay play in a box. When I got home I unpacked all the diapers and put them in the proper place and then waited for Jay to get up from his nap. When he finally got up I ran upstairs, got him, ran back down, and plopped in him the box! He was so confused at first, but then he really loved it! Especially when Derek gave him rides around the room in it!

Playing with the box came to a halt when Jay found the rest of Derek's grilled cheese sandwich from lunch and decided he wanted to eat it. It's so rare when Jay want's to eat, instead of us forcing him to eat, that we just took his pajamas off and let him have it right in the middle of the living room. I'm now working on getting melted cheese out of the carpet.

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