A Shout Out to High School

Sometimes I really can't believe that it's really been almost 4 years since we all graduated together. 4 years have come and gone, an we've all taken such different paths. Many of you have completed your 4 year degrees on time, and to that, I congratulate you. Many people, like myself are still working on their degrees, and to those like me, I say, keep pushing. 

The main reason for this post is because over the last 4 years the person that I was in high school desperately haunts me. We're talking like, laying in bed for hours sometimes regretting all the really dumb things I've said, and did, to all of you. The fact the some of you still talk to me today is nothing short of a miracle. Clearly you all were capable of seeing me for the person I had the potential to become rather than just as the person I was. 

The truth is I guess when your home life is bananas it sometimes might get taken out on your friends, for which I'm sorry. The reason why I think I lied to so many of you, about such dumb things is because my real life was so pitifully depressing (in the mind of a high school kid, in hind sight it really wasn't that bad)  that I just needed to create my own world to everyone else so that they would think I was something better than I really was. 

To everyone who still spoke to me after lying about having my drivers license for 6 months, when I really had to take the test 5 times, I say thank you. To everyone who had to put up with my 18 month lie about being color blind, I say thank you. To everyone who let me borrow countless amounts of lunch money from them before I figured out the last 3 months of senior year that I got free lunch, I say thank you. I also say, one day  I promise when I come home I'm taking all of you out to lunch as a payback, promise. To the countless people who gave my undeserving bum a ride to or  from track practice (or anywhere for that fact), ever, I say thank you. 

To every guy that I ever told I would be their girl friend, only for me to dump them the next day, I say sorry. To every person who ever wanted to bash their face into a desk every time they saw me walk into a room, I say sorry. 

So once again, to each and everyone of you, even those not in any of the pictures above, I'm so sorry you had to put up with me, and so grateful that you still talk to me today! I promise you each get one free punch the next time you see me. Just not in the baby maker, I still need that. 

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