Are You Bloglovin'?

Just a shout out to any of my friends who blog. Google reader will no longer exist after July 1st, which means that you may want to import your RSS feed from Google reader into Bloglovin' so that you can keep getting updated when your friends update their blogs. It's really easy, I just did it and it took 5 minutes! You can import your reading list right from Google reader (or blogger feed) directly into Bloglovin' and then you can even add your own blog to the Bloglovin' data base if you want to up your traffic (some people are into that kind of thing, some aren't)! Anyways, this post isn't sponsored by Bloglovin' or anything, so I'm just as a friend letting you know that if you want to keep following your blogs that you follow, do it by July 1st!

To do so: Go to > join > go to drop down menu next to the search box at the top and click settings > scroll to bottom in the other category > import blog > Google Reader > Import from Google reader > accept!

It will then upload everything for you and then when it's done you will have a fresh feed of all the blogs you love to read!

Edit: Your blogger dashboard feed will not go away July 1st, just your Google reader feed.


  1. I hate sounding dumb , but how exactly do I do that?

    1. I just updated the post with directions for everyone, definitely not a dumb question, I should have probably said how to to begin with instead of assuming everyone would know!