I Always Love Me A Good Saturday

Today we had plans of blueberry picking in the morning, followed by lunch with Netapp friends in the afternoon, and a walk through Duke Gardens in the evening. Turns out we're bad at sticking to the plan. Instead we slept in, and it was too wet to go berry picking from the rain, so I ran errands and then we all took a nap until 12:30 when we went to go to lunch with Netapp friends. Everyone bailed except one person so it wound up being us+1. It was still fun and Panera was delicious, as always! After lunch we said our goodbyes and then Derek, Jay and I wandered around a couple shops before hanging out at the fountain and letting Jay dip his toes in! After all the possible fun for the day had been had, we headed home for the evening where Jay got to enjoy some yummy mac n cheese for dinner!

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