Jay + Kate

Today was day 1 of  2 for the adventure of babysitting Kate Black. She is just 2 months older than Jay and while Derek was at work tonight I got a small glimpse of what raising twins would be like. 1 baby on each hip, both in the tub, and crawling out of the tub at the same time. Trying to get one baby fed and then trying to get the next bottle while the other one is on the floor drinking. Getting one baby in bed, having the other one start crying, and then getting that one settled and having the other start up, my head was spinning. Luckily right now both babies are tucked in for the night and hopefully it will remain that way. Jay and Kate loved playing with each other (for the most part). And it has so far been a fun/challenging experience to see what two babies running around here is really like. 

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