Being Led

Our time here in Durham has been so interesting and fun to say the least. I've felt like we have had lots of ups, and not too many downs. One of the "downs" that we have had, have all seemed to revolve around our living situation. When we moved here we never particularly liked the complex we were living in. We didn't hate it, but we definitely didn't love it. We thought living in this complex was only going to be temporary, especially when we put an offer in on a cute little house and almost became homeowners. When we put our offer in, the current owners got offended  that it was so low, and refused to counter us until we went higher. I remember having strong feelings that we shouldn't counter them and that we should just keep living where we are. Who wants to have that prompting when you don't like where you live? Anyone? Hello? 

A few months after that went by and our neighbors started rapping and beat boxing outside at 9pm and woke Jay up and I swore to Derek that that was the last straw and that I was done living here. I put our apartment up on Craigslist, we had a lot of interest, and started looking at other complexes to live in. After a week of searching we narrowed it down to two places we wanted to live. We were all set to get the ball rolling with one of them when I just had to look at Derek and tell him that I just really felt like we shouldn't move and that once again we needed to stay where we were. Who wants to have that prompting when you don't like where you live, twice?! Anyone? Hello? 

Another month went by and Derek and I decided it was time for him to start applying for some internships to get his foot in the door with a career that he would hope to have once he graduates. We applied to 6 internships in Las Vegas, thinking that none of them would start until January and by then our contract where we live would be up and we could just move from there. 

Over the last week Derek has had 2 interviews with Allegiant Airlines and if he gets the internship we will be moving out to Las Vegas in about 2-3 weeks. Looking back on everything now, it's so easy to see how the Lord's hand was really guiding us and telling us not to buy that house. Can you imagine how miserable this all would have been if we really bought it? Trying to sell it after living in it for 6 months, when it had already been on the market for a year? Or trying to find renters and then being Landlords who lived 2000+ miles away and not being able to check on it? And then if we had moved to another apartment we wouldn't have been able to sell our contracts in either of the places we would have moved to. We would have been stuck in a lease for another year. But luckily, we can sell our contract where we live now. Luckily, we followed our promptings. 

Even if we get the call on Monday and find out that Derek didn't get the internship and we aren't moving in two weeks, we know that our time here isn't permanent, that there most likely will be an internship for us in January if there isn't one now. While no one likes having the spirit tell you something contrary to what you really want to do, I know that everything always works out for the best on the Lord's timetable. 

And now that I came out of the closet to everyone about putting an offer in on a house when no one really knew that we were looking at houses aside from my dad and people in our ward, here is a link to the house that was almost ours. I still drive by it every now and then and think about what could have been. Probably not the healthiest thing to do, but I'm weird so I do that kind of thing from time to time. 

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