A Random Long Post

I feel obligated to write something about our lives since it's been forever since I've written anything and I feel like there is a lot that could be written here, but not a lot at the same time. I guess I'll start with Jay. He's so stinking cute and I feel like every day he does things that just amaze me. Today we were stacking rings and I told him to stack the green ring. He picked it up and stacked it. The I told him to do yellow, and he followed suit. Same thing happened for orange and red, and the next thing I knew he was raising his hands above his head and saying "yay!"

Yesterday at playgroup he was being a show off and picked up a toy phone and said "Hi Daddy!". My mommy heat melted. It was so sweet. We had been working on his phone talking skills a lot lately and they just completely came out all at once.

Jay has now conditioned himself to know that when the microwave goes off his milk is warmed and he promptly goes and gets a diaper for me to change his bum and then he lies down in the middle of the floor waiting for me to greet him with his bottle. I seriously think he might be a genius. But I'm sure every parent feels that way about their almost 14 month old.

Jay is also finally eating 3 meals a day. I told myself that his eating skills would get better once he finally got teeth. Not that I actually knew whether the two were related or not but I just felt that once teeth came in, he would be a lot more interested in solid foods. When his first 4 teeth came in between months 11-13, I was right and he's an eating machine!

Every morning he sucks down a fruit pouch while sitting on the kitchen floor patiently waiting for his bottle. Then we'll do the diaper routine while he drinks his milk and then he'll eat cheerios while I eat my breakfast. Lunch is usually either string cheese and raisins or some of my soup. (I've been on a canned chicken noodle soup kick for the last month now, someone help me!) Then dinner comes around and Jay is diving into (literally face first sometimes), whatever it is we're eating that night. And then of course there is always snacks through the day. This kid can put it down!

The last month or so we've been waking up to Jay having peed through everything at 3am, changing his sheets and pajamas, and putting him back to bed, only to wake up again at 9am peed through everything again. It was so frustrating. We've finally changed around when he has his last big bottle of the day, tried a few new diapers (huggies goodnites for the win!), and only give him 2 ounces of water right before bed, and we have had a dry happy baby every morning this week at 9am! Yes, I've slept till 9am everyday this week and it's been amazing! Especially since homework has been keeping me up past midnight a lot the last few weeks.

This semester has been pretty tough for both Derek and I so far. I feel like these last 3 classes I have are more demanding than any others that I've taken ever. And then we have rock star Derek doing full time work and school, so he's just always busy!

So like I said, nothing new or exciting going on right now, this is my life for the next 12 weeks. School and parenthood. Luckily one of them will finally be over with in 12 weeks and then it will just be parenthood. I can't wait.

If you made it through this pointless post well congrats! Here are some pictures of extreme cuteness for your reward.

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