Happy Birthday Jay

What to Know About Jay at 2 Years old:
  • He loves all things trains, cars, planes, and cows.
  • He knows 53 words!
  • He eats a fruit pouch, milk, and cereal for breakfast, almost every single morning
  • Richard Scarry books are the key to his heart
  • His Pluto Puppy and Mickey Mouse are his favorite bedtime friends
  • He's the biggest daddy's boy you'll every meet
  • He is one heck of a snuggler 
  • He loves morning walks with mom
To the little man who has taught me more about love, patience and sacrifice in two years than I ever thought possible, I love you... Happy Birthday!


  1. Every kid likes these things and wants them as his precious possessions. My friend's son is quite stubborn and has a beautiful collection of toys. Gifted him a remote control car on his fifth birthday last month. It was an evening snacks party at one of the lovely venues in NYC with cartoon theme decorations.