Valentines Makeup Look

Sorry for the lack of posting this week! Is that something that even needs to be apologized for? I don't know! Anyways there are a lot of exciting things happening over here that I can't talk about quite yet. Which has officially made me that annoying person who says that there is big news, but can't say what big news. Anyways, that's why I haven't been blogging, because all I want to write about, is what I can't write about. Le sigh. I can promise you that I'm not pregnant, and that I haven't won the lottery. Also, I don't gamble, so the lottery thing will never happen. Anyways, I can tell the internet exciting things around next Tuesday-ish. So there's that. 

Anyways, Valentine's Day is this weekend which is you know, exciting and everything. So I've been working on mastering the red lip just for the occasion! Here's pretty much my go to make up look for any day that I'm doing make up, but with the addition of the red lip. Because, you know, it's Valentine's Day, so why not?


  1. Can't wait to hear your exciting news! You are rockin' the red lip!

  2. Excellent tutorial! I am loving the bold lip
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