Home School: Expectations vs Reality

Over the summer I talked up a big game on how I was going to home school Jay this year for preschool. I had great intentions. I talked about it, blogged about it, bought all the stuff for it, and then when it actually came time to do it... I fell a little short. I'm glad we had this year to test the waters of home schooling so that  I could see if I could handle it or not, but I'm excited for Jay to start Pre-K in the fall and I know it will be great for him.

One of the main reasons why it never worked out was because it was hard to find the time to carve out doing preschool things when we already have so many doctor appointments, and having to work on physical therapy with Em for an hour a day every morning, and then play dates and library story time, and music makers at the church... it was too many things for me to juggle, and preschool was the one that got the short end of the stick. After typing this I'm reminded of a family that I love in North Carolina with 8 kids and most of them are home schooled, and the family that we go to church with that has 10 home schooled children, and I just think they're champions. 

I thought it was really fun to film this expectations vs. reality video on home schooling. Derek thinks I might be the only one that thinks it's funny... but I spent 5 hours doing it... so even if it is really dumb, it's getting posted regardless. 


  1. Taking on the task of educating your children is no small job with plenty of pressure. I have an Early Childhood Education background and I STILL find it so hard to make time for "school" for my little ones. But then I always have to remind myself that though it makes me feel good if we are working through some curriculum, ultimately young children learn best through play! So seriously, give yourself a break mama. If your kids are going to story time and music makers then they are learning! I love using http://handsonaswegrow.com/ as a resource for easy play/learning activities, check it out.

    1. I second this! As I was reading, I was thinking, but you WERE doing pre K! It's as much about those enriching experiences as it is about anything else. (This from a homeschooling mom of 6).

  2. You are the cutest! Expectation vs reality.. that is the story of my life. I've thought about homeschooling but my kids seem to not listen to me as well as their teacher :( Love your video though!


  3. Home schooling would be so tough! It'd be hard to be their parent and teacher, plus balancing home life.