I'm Done Being a Blogger Now

This blog has been a major blessing in my life over the last almost five years. It was where we documented our first newlywed moments. It was my grieving outlet during my pregnancy with Em, and it's proven to be a place where I've been able to share her miracles time and time again. On top of all of that, this blog has been our own personal GoFundMe account as I started making money last year and this year, and it's what has been fully funding the medical bills for our kids and keeping us out of debt. 

But you guys, I'm tired. Em doesn't sleep ever. Sure, she naps during the day, and that's when I'm a slave to this blog getting things done, but at night she screams for three hours before she falls asleep, and when she does get to sleep, she still wakes several times in the middle of the night. I find myself constantly being torn between keeping this blog and the money coming, and wanting to just be a better wife and mother. 

I want to step back into civilian life where blogging is a thing that I've heard of, but I don't actually do it. I want to be able to sleep when the baby sleeps. I want to be able to spend time with my family on the weekends instead of driving all over town to get things for the next week's posts and then working like a crazy person to get everything done by Monday morning. It's too much for our life right now. We've gone through and have Konmari purged our entire house, and now it's time that I purge a big part of my life. I need a break and I hope that's understandable. People often comment on how I "do it all", and it's because I'm doing none of it particularly well. 

So moving forward what you'll see over here is an occasional life update, or a fun family outing that we had. I'll continue to post medical updates on everyone, including Em's monthly posts. However, recipe posts, outfit posts, sponsored anything... I'm done. I know that this has been an amazing tool that the Lord has been able to bless our family with over the last year and a half, but I'm convinced that if He wants to bless us, He can do it through another avenue that doesn't jeopardize my sanity, family, and sleep. Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for making this blog what it has been. I'll love and appreciate you for this chapter in my life more then words will ever be able to express.


  1. I'll miss your post but totally admire you doing what's best for your family, I'm sure it was not an easy decision to make. I'm looking forward to seeing future updates though!


  2. I have read your blog for a long time, barely commented, but I totally understand. I am a blogger as well and last year with some health things and just plain being overwhelmed with the idea of what I can do for a post I quit. I took about 6 months off and it changed everything. I'm back blogging now, but am doing it for fun as my outlet for myself. Looking forward to updates and seeing what this blog becomes over the next few months!


  3. That is a good decision to make, family is first! I wish you all the best! Hugs
    Emily from ✨ The Daily Fashion Inspiration

  4. I imagine how demanding being a full time blogger would be, but you should continue your youtube channel if that is not too demanding. That is a great way to make a little bit extra in due time. I also know how HARD it is to have a child who doesn't sleep. I have one who has never been a sleeper, and it makes me tired and grumpy during the day. No wonder I stopped wearing makeup long ago. I am just spent. Looking at Em, I thought she seemed pretty chill most of the time, but only you would know her personality true. Anyway, hope all goes well and you get some sleep and time to yourself.

  5. Good for you. Blogging is an enormous time commitment (especially if you want to make any money with it!), and I've teetered back and forth on 'quitting' for at least a year. (And is it just me or is the sponsored content getting more and more difficult and obnoxious to work with than it ever used to be in the past? I swear these companies are 1000% more demanding with the posts I write for them now than they ever used to be. Every single time I write a sponsored post, I swear to myself it will be my last one ever. And then I do another and say it again.)

    I'm so glad it's helped you pay the bills, and I'm glad I've gotten to know you through your blog! But good for you for being able to step back and re-prioritize your life. Maybe I'll join you in the retired blogger club soon :-)

  6. You're amazing, and good for you~ I've loved reading your blog and think you are so talented and a real inspiration spiritually ♡ good luck to you and your family, and say hello if you are ever in Vegas~ (where we'll be by next year)


  7. I've been thinking about you all day since I read this post last night. Good for you - I can't even imagine the weight this will be off of your shoulders (and. . . I'm more than a little jealous).

  8. You are a rockstar and I admire you for knowing your limits.

  9. I think it is great that you are listening to what your heart and brain are telling you and that you're following through with it. I pulled the plug on my blog when it was beginning to be successful last time. I decided to completely pull all of it off the net for 8 months and just give it up until I felt so prompted or inclined. You moved in the ward and it helped me start thinking about it again!! Thanks for being a great inspiration and I'm excited to see your family updates here as you post them :)

  10. Que blog lindo!


    Isa | http://isabellalessa.com

  11. I first I was really sad to read this but I'm glad to hear you will still be posting life updates. I totally understand needing to step back and focus on family. You are amazing for sacrificing your sleep and life for so many years to make money from this blog to help with medical bills. But I know it will be so nice to just enjoy the family instead of thinking about blogging :) And enjoy those naps too!


  12. They don't call it a "full time mom" for nothing! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering about how the inner workings of taking gorgeous photos of meals actually works with young kids-- Meals are already a bit of circus at our house! I hope you're enjoying your time and hope we can still work together on whatever level is beneficial for you!


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