He's a Completely New Kid + Big School Announcement for Jay!

I've been very open the last few years about the fears that I have with Jay, and whether or not he has anxiety, a mild form of Autism, or some sort of sensory processing disorder. There just always seemed to be something very off about him and it hurt as a mama to see him struggle with his surroundings all the time. 

Because of these concerns, I thought that he would do well with a half day preschool program instead of sending him to kindergarten. I was so nervous about the first day, but we spent the entire summer talking about preschool non-stop and about classroom behavior, and listening to his teacher. He was certainly well prepared, so the only thing left to do was hop in the car pool lane, send him out the car door, and pray he didn't crash and burn.  

After the first day he hopped into the car and talking 100 miles per hour said, "Mom, do you know what my favorite part was? I was doing a firetruck puzzle, and it was really hard, and then two friends came over and helped me, and we all did it together!" I was shocked. He loved preschool and wanted to go again the next day, and each day since then has been one happy report after another. 

Four days into preschool we took him into the doctor for his five year checkup. I was dreading it because... Know those kids at the doctors that kick, yell, scream, and don't do anything the doctor asks them to do? Yep, that's my kid. Except that it wasn't. They called Jay back and he walked over to the scale, took his shoes off and hopped on, after only being asked once. We went into our room, and the nurse asked him to go with her for his hearing and eye test and he went without complaint, did the tests without protest, and was acting like none of this was a big deal. Then... THEN... they pricked his finger for an iron check and he willingly gave his finger and didn't even flinch. He just looked up at the nurse while she was putting his bandaid on and said, "Hey, that hurt!" 

He's really thrived after having this independence each day. Each day he becomes more and more brave, and more and more confident with who he is as a person. The highlight of my life was being in the classroom when he did show and tell and he was completely thriving and loving being up there. It made my heart so happy. 

There have been a couple hiccups in preschool. He doesn't like going to Spanish and Music class with the new teachers that he is unfamiliar with, and lost school privileges for the day when he didn't participate and listen in those classes, but I think the consequences made him realize that he needs to have the same behavior for those teachers as he does for his classroom teachers, and we're fairly confident next week will go better. 

All this being said, when we move to Utah next month, preschool isn't really much of an option for Jay. He is Kindergarten age, and whatever few preschool options there are, since he is old enough to go to kindergarten, that is where the school system wants him. I've talked to several friends who have taught kindergarten that all seem fairly confident in Jay's ability to thrive in the kinder classroom (especially since it's a 1/2 program at the Utah public schools). So in 10 days, Jay will say goodbye to his first preschool class, have a 20ish day stint of being homeschooled with a kindergarten curriculum, and then will start Kindergarten in late September when we're settled into our new home in Utah. I'm excited for him and this next big step in his life, and I'm confident that he's ready for it. He will do great.