Kickstarting Your Career as a Stay-at-Home Mum

After you’ve spent years of caring for and raising your kids, it’s going to feel great to have a bit of time to
yourself again. You might find that it’s time to get back into your career, for example, and find back to a
sense of empowerment outside of your family life.

Image from: Pexels

Sadly, a lot of stay-at-home mums think that getting back into their careers after a few years break is an
impossible task. There will be endless job applications, of course, nerve-wracking interviews, and perhaps
even a few rejections down the road - but it doesn’t actually have to be this scary.

By reminding yourself that this is something that each and every job candidate needs to go through and
that far too many people have sent out hundreds of applications before they even get called in for an
interview, you might be able to thicken your skin a bit.

Here is a handful of tips to help you along the way so that you can nail that interview and get an offer even
sooner. It might not be after the first one, or even the second, but you’ll always get there in the end.

First: Give your resume a boost
The one question that most former stay-at-home mums dread the most is, of course, related to the gap in their resume. Sure, they’ve been raising children and done an admirable job at this - but it’s not necessarily related to the career they’d like to get started on.

A way around this is to make sure that you have something to show for. An online course, for example,
could be just what you need to make the employer see that you’ve actually been trying and, adding to
your already busy hours as a mum, this kind of dedication should definitely count in your favour.

Start as soon as possible and find a few ways to give your resume a slight boost to show that you’ve
been trying to gain some experience. Have a look at this online midwifery program, to begin with, so
that you have a flexible schedule to follow.

Next: Use your networking skills
As an employer, you’d always be looking for a shortcut in order to land that perfect employee. Those who already have a good word put in for them by friends or family members will definitely gain an advantage, in other words, and it will be a bit easier for the one interviewing you to recognise your name once you send in that resume.

It doesn’t have to be as direct as landing you a job just by mentioning your name, though, and
sneaking you in during a few conversations about candidates will surely help just as much. Consider
whether or not you already know someone in the industry you’d like to break into and ask if they’re able
to recommend your name - but keep in mind that this is only something you should ask for when you’re
serious about the job.

They will be putting themselves and their own sense of judgement on the line by recommending you,
after all, and people tend to judge others on the ones they know.

Give them an excellent first impression of you and do your best when you get called in for an interview -
it’s really all you can do.

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