Prepping For Your Basement Remodel

It may be the season to hole up and stay warm, but it’s also the season for change. New Year is just
around the corner, which means a time for resolution and doing something new and different with your life.
A basement remodel is a way to make a change in your home while giving your home the value you never
had before. So far, planning a huge basement remodel has probably been at the forefront of your mind
because of the end result. Perhaps you’re installing a whole new bedroom suite. Maybe you’re
making your basement into a space for the children to kick back and chill out together. Either way, you want
to focus on your newly finished basement and the changes that you need to make to the space that you have.
The thing is, a space like the basement requires a lot of preparation and this means you’ll need to work closely
with the experts to get it right.

Preparation tasks can get lost in the job at hand, which is why it’s smart to have a plan before you get started.
If you don’t pay attention to the preparation that you need to do for your basement remodel, you’re going to
find it much harder to get to that end result. It’s therefore important to go through the following preparation
steps for your basement remodel:

Person Holding Pen Point On Blueprint

Leave Some Space Unfinished
It may sound insane to get through the entire remodel only to leave some of it unfinished, because it’s
natural to want to finish the entire thing in one go. You wouldn't want to leave a corner of the basement
without finishing it when you’ve spent a lot of time and money making it into the perfect space for you.
The thing is, there’s a bit of the basement that houses the HVAC and the water heater, and these things
should be kept open. It’s not just for leaving somewhere open for fun, it’s because of repairs and
inspections later on. Don’t panic; there won’t be a giant gray space with nothing in it. Plan a half-wall or
a curtain to hide the utility area away instead!

Check For Water Issues
The basement is the one place in the house that’s susceptible to flooding, it’s why we invest in waterproofing.
Flooding and leaks could be detrimental to the basement, as you well know, and if you don’t identify potential
water issues before you begin working on the basement remodel, you could end up going to all that work for
no reason and wasting your cash doing it. All that, because you didn’t take the right steps to protect your
basement from water damage which can happen in the winter and with heavy snow and rain. Look at the
foundation walls, because these will tell you if there are any cracks that you need to get fixed. If you have
a problem with the gradient of your lawn, it’s worth spending the extra to level that away from the basement,
too. This will stop water from pooling and causing damage.

Think About Drop Ceilings
Most people plan a basement remodel with a drop ceiling. These can offer the best way to conceal duct work
while still giving you easy access to the electrical lines and pipes. Drop ceilings are often associated with
warehouses and office buildings, but that doesn't mean that you cannot have an attractive style in your home.
Measuring up for your remodel and choosing the decor for the space in your basement means taking into
account the post-drop ceiling height. Don’t use the current height or your measurements will be off and you
would have poured money into it for no reason.

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Outlet Installation
As part of your planning, you need to factor in the installation of new outlets. This is because your space
will be designed to power in new places. Most basements don’t have much in the way of outlets but you
can change that with yours. Determine where these will go before you start the actua remodel. You can
do these yourself, but for the sake of ease, it’s always better to bring in an electrician.

Don't Forget Your Permits
It doesn't matter whether you are doing all the repairs and remodelling yourself, you will need a permit for
the work you undertake. The type of permit you need depends on the scale of the job that needs doing.
There are building codes that you need to adhere to as well as zoning laws in the area, and once you've
drawn all your plans up, you need to speak to your city office about the process in your city.

Waste Needs Removing
When you are undertaking such a large project, it’s bound to come with a little mess. It’s likely that you
won’t be able to put too much of it out at the curb for trash pickup, but there will also be stuff that you cannot
put onto the curb, either. The huge cleanup that you undertake as part of your remodel will also generate
a lot of rubbish that will need to be taken care of, too. Speaking to a dumpster rental company will probably
be the easiest way to handle all the debris, and you can also make sure that you’re not taking out your
remodel on the environment.

Sell Your Junk
As part of your remodel, you’ll have to clean out the basement from top to bottom. Clearing the junk is an
absolute must and you need to ensure that you get rid of the things that you no longer want in the right way.
Sell what you don’t want or need and you need a concrete plan and timeline of how you will go through all
the things that you stored in the basement in the first place.

A finished basement with a function is a good addition to any home, and while the remodel is a huge job,
the preparation is important before you even get started. Get the prep done right the first time and you can
start to enjoy your new space.

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