Our Christmas Home Tour 2019

I love decorating my house all year long, but fall and Christmas time are by far my favorite seasons to decorate for. There's just something about that last four months of the year right? Sadly when we moved this summer, an entire box of our Christmas decorations went missing. It wasn't an issue of me forgetting that I purged something in an act of minimalism, but real family keepsakes that we can't get back. It was so sad. 

We wound up replacing and getting a few new things this season as a result, and I love how everything turned out and looks, but it's so sad to think some things that we've had since Derek and I got married we'll never get back. 

The first new things we purchased this year were a new tree, star topper, and tree skirt. Our old star and tree skirt were among the things to go missing, and are some of the things I'm the most sad about losing. We'd had them since our very first married Christmas. This buffalo plaid skirt though is beautiful, and I love the look of it! It was only $14 from Walmart! The wooden star from Amazon is perfect too! 

Our Christmas garland that we hung on our fireplace in years past was among the missing as well. We replaced it with this one from Target and put it on our TV stand. Everyone is going to be happy when Christmas is over and the TV remote works better. The wood trees on each side of the tree are new as well. The countdown to Christmas is a Target Dollar Spot find from several years ago. We keep it out all year long and switch the holidays. It was probably the best $3 decor I've ever bought. 

I am so glad that we did not lose our stockings! We bought these the year Kinsley was born, and at the time, it was such a huge investment for us, but I'm so glad we splurged because they're just perfect and will last us our entire lives! I wish I could link to where I bought them, but it was an obscure website five years ago that I'm sure I'll never find again. The stocking holders are old from Target, and the pinecones are new from Walmart this year. 

I bought a couple new pillow covers for the couch on Amazon for pretty cheap, and love how well they pair with the black plaid we already had!

Luckily all our pieces for the kitchen table survived the move. This is the same setup we had in our old house and I really love it. I think a centerpiece and placemats help a lot to make a room look put together! 

We did get a couple new pieces for the kitchen, a room I've never decorated previously. I got the tin house and silent night sign from the Target Dollar Spot, and I love our Mrs Meyers Peppermint candle too! 

Is your house all decorated for Christmas? Do you decorate all the rooms in your home, or just a couple? I'd love to know in the comments below! Hopefully next year if we don't lose any decorations, we can start branching towards bathrooms and other fun spots in the house. 

Tree Skirt (price has doubled since I bought it sadly!)

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  1. This is amazing friend! Thank you so much for sharing all your Christmas decor! And you are right---the stockings are perfect!

    Happy day!