Inject A Little Fun Into Your Wardrobe: 5 Simple Steps

If you’re the kind of person who is wary to try new things when it comes to your wardrobe, you’re in the
right place. Having some fun with the clothes you wear can help you to show off your personality, and it
won’t take long before you really get into the swing of things and love experimenting with your clothes!
Below, we’ll go through 5 simple steps that will help you to inject a little fun into your wardrobe:

Invest In Bold Accessories

1. Accessories are the key to finishing off any outfit and making it look great. Bold accessories can
help you to get out of your comfort zone bit by bit, so you can add them to the items you usually
wear without feeling too out of your depth. Build up a cool accessory collection that you love
before buying crazy clothing! Try the following:
  • Patterned bags
  • Patterned shoes
  • Bright scarves
  • Cool headwear 
  • Nail polish to complete your look and contrast with outfits 

2. Clash Colors
A really fun way to start updating your wardrobe is to begin clashing colors. Clashing colors is actually
pretty easy, even though it can sound intimidating at first. Use a color wheel if you’re unsure of how to
clash colors in the most effective way, and you’ll find it so much easier. You don’t always have to be
‘matchy matchy’ when it comes to your color pallette. Clashing color ideas include red and green, blue
and yellow, and orange and purple.

3. Wear Custom Jewelry
Jewelry is a key element in finishing off any outfit and stopping it from looking boring. Choosing a
custom necklace could give you a signature piece to pair with most of your outfits. Building up your jewelry
collection will ensure you have everything you need to style your outfits to perfection. Make sure you at
least have the below:

  • Statement earrings
  • Plain studs
  • Chunky necklaces
  • Thinner necklaces to layer
  • Bangles
  • Statement rings
  • Stacking rings 

You should be able to cover every need you have for jewelry if you build up your collection with the
items listed above. Just make sure you choose wisely; they should be high quality and you should
love them! Costume jewelry can work occasionally, but it doesn’t make much sense spending a lot
of money on it.  

4. Forget About Hang Ups And Rules
The key to having fun with what you wear? Forget about those body hang ups you have and any rules
stopping you from wearing what you really want. You’ll be so much happier when you realize the only
person focusing on these things is you.

5. Find A Style Role Model
Find a style role model and see what you can learn from them. You could do this by scouring blog sites
or Instagram. Don’t copy them - this is all about developing your own personal style and looking to them
for guidance.

Remember, you can’t let any insecurities you may have stop you from wearing your own true personal

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