Christmas and Other Stuff

Derek and I went to Idaho for Christmas and it was a blast! As much as I hated not being home for the holidays his family really always makes me feel super welcome and they are always super fun so I actually didn't even think about not being home at all until I tried to call my parents Christmas night and neither one of them picked up for me...
 Building blocks with Tayson on Christmas Eve.
 Ethan and William in their Christmas Eve PJ's
 Brynlee and Tayson and their new Jam Jams

Christmas was chuck full of surprises! Derek got me a new camera! I was not expecting it at all! I mean I joked about it a couple times before Christmas but I never thought that it would actually happen! So we have a new Canon Rebel EOS T3 that we named Cody! Among other gifts we got a slice o matic, some books, a cheerio container, a mini muffin pan, and SO MANY AWESOME BOARD GAMES! It was definitely a Christmas to remember! 
 First picture with the new camera.
 Chalese with her new doll.
 Ethan on Christmas!
 William and his new ball.
 Lens cap!
 Brynlee and her new nails.
 Tayson with the Santa hat.
 Aaron playing with cars.
 Brayden's 2nd Christmas!
 Kailee being cute and what not.
 Funny faces with Lydia
 Alyssa starring off
 Dad and his gift!
 Evan and Fernanda came over to play games with us last night so it was fun to be able to catch up with them and to see Fernanda! She has been in Brazil for the past 5 months and we missed her like crazy!
 They see me rollin'
All of us!

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