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Hey everyone! I'm back! Turns out a few post ago when I mentioned I was sick turned out to be a little thing I like to call the first trimester of pregnancy. It was a blast, not! But I'm glad to finally be ending that stage, and I'm looking forward to the second trimester. We're super excited to bee united with our little one on August 1st! The past few weeks have been nothing but me laying on the couch, feeling sick, but not actually getting sick. Therefore my cute husband had to take over in terms of cooking and cleaning. We pretty much ate yummy pancakes and breakfast foods, because for some reason, all husbands have a gift at doing breakfast for some reason. But I'm back to blogging and I'm excited to be cooking again! I wanted to start my come back with something simple and tasty, therefore a quick lasagna did just the trick. 

Recipe by: Your's truly (me)
3/4 bag egg noodles
3 Italian sausages
Spaghetti sauce (I used traditional Ragu)
Cheese (I mixed cheddar, parm, and mozzarella, because it was in my fridge)

-Preheat oven to 350°
-Boil egg noodles until cooked
-Cook sausages all the way through and then cut into thin slices
-In the bottom of a pan put a small amount of sauce
-Then a layer of egg noodles
-Then a layer of sausage
-Then a layer of cheese
-Then a layer of sauce
-Then noodles
-Then sausage
-Then cheese
-Then sauce
-Then cheese
-Bake for 40 minutes

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