Boy, oh boy...

Yesterday we got to go to the doctors for the 20 week ultrasound! Derek and I are so happy that in just 20 more weeks give or take, we will be welcoming into the world Baby Jay! We could not be anymore excited! We both guessed that we were going to have a boy so when we were both right it was pure joy! I have to admit that I do feel a little bad for my mom, I think that she wanted it to be a girl really badly, but she'll just have to wait a little longer for her granddaughter. Here are some cutie shots from the ultra sound where we got to see our little guy.

The top picture would be as the ultrasound tech called it, "boy proof", it's a shot taken from underneath, so basically bum view. The bottom picture is the right arm, unless your a weirdo like me and think that is the "boy proof" until looking at it for 20 minutes and then realizing that it clearly says right arm on the picture, whoops!

And then this would be a profile (top) and a front view (bottom) of Jay's little face!

We were also really glad that it was a boy because we have been calling it Jay for the last 2 weeks and so I would have felt bad if it was a girl. I actually did call it Chloe once (the girl name that will now have to wait), and Derek actually said, "since when are we calling it Chloe?" So obviously it was meant to be that we have a boy first, and I could not be anymore excited! YAY for older brother missionaries! 

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