Ward Camp Out in Manti

This weekend Derek and I got to go to our ward camp out at our Bishop's Mansion/Cabin in Manti,UT. It was a lot of fun to spend time with everyone from the ward, and to actually remember a few more people's names. (There's like 10 new couples in our ward every week so remembering who is who is pretty close to impossible!) Derek and I got to sleep inside though in a nice big comfy bed, instead of outside, because I'm pregnant, so that was pretty cool! So it was pretty much just like vacation instead of camping! While we were there we went swimming in the lake that the cabin was on, (Palisade Lake, UT), I got to go on my first canoeing adventure with Derek, Derek and I went on a mini walk/hike in the morning, and I thought baby Jay was going to pop right out of me (looking back that was probably a little too adventurous for being 7.5 months preggo), but we also got to make/eat yummy smores, jump on a water trampoline, play signs, and play mario kart in the basement! There was so much other stuff that we could have done there but there was no way we would have been able to do it all in the 24 hours we were there. Hopefully we have the same Bishop next summer so we'll get to go again! 

 When we first got in our room!
 The fire alarm kept beeping for Derek took it off the ceiling and took the battery out
 The sunset on the lake!
 S'more time!
 The view from our morning walk
 The view from the top of the mountain/Bishop's cabin from the other side of the lake
 Us at the top!
 The steep hill that I thought was going to kill me!
 The water trampoline getting setup!
 Derek and I canoeing!
On the way home we stopped at a local Malt Shop in Ephraim, UT with our friends Annie and Ashton! It was super yummy!

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