4th of July!

Yesterday for the 4th of July Derek and I had so much fun! Every year for the 4th of July and Memorial Day, the car dealership down the road from us always does this thing where they give away a car, an iPad, cash and then some other small prize, this time the small prize was free movie tickets! So when Derek got out of work we went over to the dealership with the flyer that we got in the mail to see if we were winners of a new 2012 Chevy Sonic! We weren't, but we were the proud winners of 2 awesome movie tickets to the Megaplex in Thanksgiving Point which is awesome!

After that rush of excitement we decided to go to the carwash to wash Derek's car, not very exciting, but you should see how well Derek can wash a car, it's almost like he's a professional who used to work at the car wash at Chevron in high school or something- he's got skills.

Then we went home where we were trying to decide what we wanted to do for the night when our friends Dan and Lori invited us to have dinner with them and to go watch the fireworks. So we went over to the clubhouse and grilled some massive manly steaks on the grill with some veggies (thanks Holly) and then we walked over to watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire! It was awesome! It was definitely the best way to spend our first Fourth of July as a married couple! It was also our last holiday before becoming parents! Wahoo!
 Waiting for the show to start!
Derek says that the Idaho Falls fireworks kicks Provo's bum, so he said next year we're going to Idaho for them because these just weren't nearly as good apparently!

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