Our 1 Year Anniversary!

Today is Derek and I's one year anniversary! I can't believe that it's been a whole year already, and that Derek hasn't gotten sick of me yet! Just kidding, but I can be really weird and awkward, so he definitely gets bonus points for dealing with me :). Anyways, we decided to celebrate last night (cause today is Sunday) and today (because it's the actual real day). 

Yesterday night we went to dinner at one of our favorite places, Costa Vida! It's so yummy! I got the vegetarian salad and Derek got his favorite- the sweet pork burrito. We actually went to that same Costa Vida last year the day before we got married with my dad and brother and my friend Anthony from back home, so it was fun to go there again, one year from the last time we went! Side note, the Pleasant Grove Costa has peach Fanta soda, and you all should really go and drink it because it's a fiesta in your mouth, I promise! 

After dinner we headed up to Thanksgiving Point to use our free movie tickets that we won a few weeks ago from the Chevy dealership. Turns out our free tickets weren't that free, and we wound up having to pay $3 for the two of us to go and see The Dark Knight Rises, but it was totally worth it because that movie was amazing! ...Even though it was a little scary and the bad guy creeped me out for most of the movie, but it was still REALLY good!

Then this morning I gave Derek his present... cargo shorts, because he didn't have any shorts and mentioned that he wanted some, and then Derek got me something that was supposed to be delivered in the mail yesterday but for some reason it didn't get here so I'll just get it tomorrow! Then the Dennis' got us an AMAZING print of the Mount Timpanogos Temple with our names and wedding date on it that is now being displayed in our living room, and we love it! After church we came home and we ate some of the wedding cake that we had saved in our freezer from last year! The outside frosting tasted kind of gross, but the inside with the cake and the middle layer of frosting, it actually tasted really good!

 After eating our yummy Costa Vida!
 Eating our wedding cake!
 The moose cake topper that survived a year in the freezer!
So I saw this on Pinterest right after we got married and I really wanted to do it! So every year you take a picture of you holding a picture from the year before! So then next year it will be a picture of us holding this picture! So fun!

So pretty much it's been an awesome 1 year and I can't wait to see all the adventures that this next year will bring! I know one of them includes a baby so that automatically means it's going to be an exciting year! 

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