We're Moved!

This weekend Derek and I finally liberated ourselves from the oppression of the Branbury! That was probably a little too dramatic to say but I was really excited to just be moved and get settled into our new place! And even though I was rude and didn't take any pictures of our place the last time we moved, I think it's OK because now we can just forget that the whole thing ever happened right? Branbury what? Anyways, here are the pictures of our new place, that I love! Talk about the grass always being greener!
This is pretty much what our entire place looked like all last week, just boxes, boxes and more boxes, everywhere!
The new kitchen that I'm obsessed with!
 No more cleaning drip pans and the area under them!
 The kitchen sink detaches and sprays! How fun!
 A new dishwasher that doesn't leave residue!
 The living room!
 So this is the second bedroom, that's going to be Jay's eventually, but he's going to be in our room for the first few months anyways, so I think this is going to be part office/guest room/ and Jay's room, but it's a working progress until we figure out exactly what we want to do.
 Our bedroom!
Our bathroom!

In pregnancy news, today was my first day of officially not working, I woke up to fat swollen ankles and knew they were going to get 100 times worse if I went to work today, and I've been having cramps/pain when I walk and what not, so I think Jay is getting ready to head out, guess we'll find out on Wednesday at our appointment!

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