11 days old!

It's hard to believe that Jay is 11 days old already! I can't believe that it's been that long, but then it also feels like Jay has been apart of our family forever at the same time. It's crazy also to see how much bigger he has gotten in just the 11 days that he's been with us! He was so skinny and small when he was first born, and then got even skinnier and smaller for a couple days, and now Derek and I can both tell how much he has chunked up! His legs were so small and skinny when he was first born, and now they are turning into the cutest little chunky baby thighs!

Jay had his first doctors appointment on Wednesday, the 15th and he was already back up to 6lbs 13oz! So he only has 2 more oz to go until he is back at his birth weight! We have a doctors appointment on Tuesday and I'm POSITIVE he is going to be well over his original birth weight!

This week Derek's mom and younger sister came to stay with us and to help out with the baby! And the week before that Tracie was here helping out! It was so nice to have them here and to have help with all the cleaning and cooking and having someone to look after Jay while I take a nap! It's kind of scary to think that I'm all on my own now for doing all that stuff! But I'm sure I'll have awesome friends to help me out along the way as well! It does take a village to raise a child right? right? OK good! 

Jay has also been SO MUCH BETTER at sleeping at night. The first few nights were just terrible! He would cry and scream the entire time and we had no idea what was wrong or how to calm him down or anything! Now we've learned that he's pretty much just a hungry hungry hippo at night and if we just feed him real well he sleeps AMAZINGLY! I've been making 2 big bottles for him and so when he wakes up during the night we give him the first bottle and then he goes back to sleep, and then when he wakes up again, we give him the other one, and then he falls right back to sleep again! It's been SO NICE! I really hope it stays this way! Last night he didn't even need the first bottle until 5AM and then he slept the rest of the way until 8AM! I could not believe it, but it was a huge blessing for our first night of being all by ourselves!

Other than that not too much is going on! Derek is out shopping right now for my birthday... which is crazy because it doesn't feel like it's my birthday coming up this week, I can't believe I'm finally going to be 21, and I don't feel like Derek needs to be out buying me anything right now because between Derek and Jay and the rest of my amazing family, I feel like I have all I'll ever need and I'm just super grateful!