2 Week Checkup!

Today I took Jay to the doctors for his 2 week checkup and he is doing awesome! He has already grown 1 whole inch and has gained almost an entire pound since birth! I can't believe he's gotten so big already! He's going to be pretty chunky I'm thinking.

Also today before we went to the doctors I whipped out that awesome camera that Derek got me for Christmas and took some newborn pictures of Jay before he got any bigger on us!

Jay is weighing in at 7lbs 10oz and 21in long! We love our little guy!


  1. What a doll! He is precious! Congrats paige!

  2. You are definitely hired to do our newborn pictures. If you're not too tired lol. I'll pay you !

  3. Sorry Afton, I'll only do it for free :)