New Apartment, New Ward!

Derek and I moved into our new apartment a few weeks ago, and today was the first time that we went to our new ward (I was having difficulty leaving our awesome old ward), but it turns out that our new ward is pretty awesome! My old roommate Suzzie and her husband are in our ward! Along with a guy from Derek's mission and his wife, and then my across the way neighbor from the Branbury and her husband! Small world!  So it turns out there isn't going to be any problems making friends in our ward because they're already there! Woo!

So hilarious story... A week ago I went on a walk and this old lady was pushing a baby in a jogging stroller. She was kind of crazy and then when she passed me she stopped and said hi and was telling me how she was going around the neighborhood picking up all the garbage to make it look nicer, and then pointed to a massive pile of gross plastic bottles in bottom compartment of the stroller. She then went on to say how it was so great that if we're all doing what we should be doing and helping others that we were all being disciples of Christ. Well yeah that's great, but the way she said it creeped me out and she just seemed really crazy so I just smiled, nodded, and then went on my way. Then when I was circling back around the block on my way back home I saw her and the baby and stroller and everything up on some lady's door step talking to her the same way she was talking to me, I was thinking, " WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING?", turns out she's a crazy senior missionary that's in our new ward, and she got up and bore her testimony today and I pretty much just about died. Small world. Small, small, small Provo world.

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  1. Ohhh What ward are you in ? Also I've been meaning to ask what apartments you guys moved into again ? Do you think they have any open apartments still?