Brigham City Temple Open House! - 2012 Sun, Oct 21

Isn't everyone so proud of me for actually keeping this up to date lately? I feel like everything that's been going on has been happening so fast that I just really don't want to forget any of it! Hence... blogging to remember. 

Anyways, today was an AWESOME day. Jay slept really well, and then when we all got up at 10 to start the day, Derek's sister Keriana texted us and asked if we wanted to go to the Brigham City Temple open house! I was super excited, especially since I've pretty much been house bound for the last month, so I begged Derek and then he said maybe, and then I asked one more time when he got out of the shower and he said, "whatever you want", and I wanted to go, bad, so we did! I bet Keriana was super surprised when we actually texted her back and said that we would go, but she was super excited and so glad that we came! The new temple is so beautiful, I'm so glad that one of the things our tithing money goes towards is the building of new temples, so it's like each member has a contribution to each temple and it's amazing beauty! 

So while we were driving up there I randomly remembered about 30 minutes after we left the house that I forgot wipes, whoopsies! So when we got to the temple I had to change Jay's diaper, and I found about five 2-inch alcohol wipe things in my diaper bag and used those for the first diaper. Then when we got out of the temple he had another dirty one, bad! So Keriana, Jason and the boys were about 10 minutes behind us coming out, and I remembered them saying we could use their wipes and there car was parked right by ours, so I told Derek to just go and see if their car was unlocked. It was... kind of, so the door opened and then the alarm went off and then Derek shut the door and then ran back to me across the street. But then I told him that if the alarm was already going off and the doors were unlocked, to just go back and steal the wipes anyways, so he darted back across the street, stole the wipes and we were good to go, and the alarm did shut off about 3 minutes later but it was super funny, but probably not to the neighbors haha. 

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