Sleepy Bundle of Joy

So Jay has been such a good sleeper the last couple of days. Starting last week he would go to bed at about 11pm, and then would wake up at around 6am to eat, and then sleep again until about 8am. I was so grateful for this and was super surprised when he started doing it but I wasn't going to rock the boat or anything! Then on Friday night he went to bed at 10pm and slept through until 7am, and then slept again until 9:30am! Holy Cow, that was amazing! Then Saturday night he slept from 10pm-7am, and then we got ready and went to church! Then Sunday night he slept from 9pm  ALL THE WAY until 8am! We have a 1 month old baby sleeping through the night! I'm so grateful! So I think we now have a pretty solid schedule going on! Everyday like clock work he takes a nap from 1pm-4:30pm and then he usually stays awake until we can get him to sleep at around 9-10pm and then sleeps most of the night and then is good to go. I really hope that we're not getting super spoiled and that it won't get 1000 times harder for our next baby. Also, I really hope Jay stays on this schedule because the last week and a half has been way too miraculous and I don't want to see it go away!

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