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Jay is 2 months already! I can't believe how fast it's going! And he is getting so big! To me at least! I'll stop using exclamation points starting..!.... now. So Jay is currently wearing 0-3 month size shirts and onesies, and then he is wearing newborn/0-3month size pants. As far as we still know, he is 21 inches long, but we have a check up on Wednesday so I'm sure they are going to be telling us he is taller now. We weighed him a couple days ago and he was 9.4lbs. He is still sleeping through the night every night, minus one time last week when he woke up at 4:30am, but he just ate and then went right back to sleep until I woke him up at 8am. Jay can lift his head up now during tummy time, even though it's not his favorite time of day, and then the other day he rolled over to his back on his left side! Check him out! 

In other news, I was introduced to this new app called Ziplist and it's changed my life forever, and ever. You search for a recipe that you want to make and then it shoots the ingredients that you need into a grocery list and then you can check off the things you already had and then you can keep adding recipes to your grocery list and then it's all right there when you go grocery shopping and the recipes are all in one app for when you go to make the food. CHANGED.MY.LIFE. For the last two weeks, since it's made my life so easy, Derek has gotten yummy dinners every night instead of 2-3 days when I feel like it. It's made cooking dinner A LOT more exciting! 

Derek and I are still doing classes for this semester and we're both at all A's so far! My class only has 3 more weeks though (it was only a first block class) and then I'll be done, and Derek still has to go until the 13th of December and then we're off to NY for the week!

I'm super excited that I get to go home this year WITH DEREK, not that being in NY for 11 days without him last year wasn't fun or anything... but really it kind of stunk like rotten eggs on a hot summer day. 

Oh, and lets talk about how girls can go on missions now when they're 19 for a second OK? Yeah that's probably the greatest thing ever! If that call was made 3 conferences ago when Derek and I were thinking about getting married, I totally would have been like SEE YAH! But it wasn't and instead that whole conference was get married, get married, get married! So we're married, and then the next conference was have babies, have babies, have babies! So we did, and now 19 year old girls can go on missions! It was definitely a testimony to me in the Lord's timing and in the Lord's plan! Plus, Derek pinky promised we could go on a mission when we're old and crazy so I'm super stoked for that! Anyways this post is about to become outlawed for how long it's getting so I'll just leave you with some pictures! 

Playing with Dad!

 Playing with Daddy again!
 Once a month we babysit our friends Katy and Jordan's baby so that they can go to the temple and then they watch Jay for us so that we can go to the temple! It's been great!
 Jay working on getting that head up!
 Playing with Mom!
 Got to take some pictures of these awesome peeps for their Homecoming Dance and got paid some nice green rectangular pieces of paper for doing it! Not even mad about that!
 Then Derek and I took some cute family pictures!
 Pure concentration on getting that big baby head off the floor!
 Sometimes I make funny faces like this to get him to calm down, and then Derek takes a picture of it.
 Sometimes Derek likes to take pictures of the moon coming up!
 Jay finally fitting into his church clothes!
 So this guy in Indiana said he would pay me $90 to drive around this building and take pictures of it. So I did, and then I e-mailed him the pictures. Derek thinks I'm not getting the money, but I have faith in humanity and think I will haha. We'll see.
**Update 9/16/15... the guy paid me**
Then this would be our cute 2 month old baby! Wow! We love him a lot!

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  1. Uhm, I love this post. Kyle trying to get his head up is so beyond cute!!!! You are beautiful fyi. I told Charlie the same thing.. I was like shoot, I so would have gone on a mission!!! Miss you!!!