Apparently They DON'T Grow Up So Fast

Jay had his 2 month doctor appointment on Wednesday of this week and he's weighing in at 9lbs 13.5oz, and he is 23 inches long! When I first heard this I was like AWESOME! He gained 2 pounds and 2 inches! Great! But then the doctor came in and explained that he went from being in the 28th percentile for weight, down to the 5th and that his height had dropped too! Apparently in the 6 weeks since he had went to the doctors he was supposed to have gained a lot more than he did. The doctor said that we should try to up his formula from 20oz a day to 24oz a day, but that hasn't been working because he usually just spits up anything extra that we give him, but we're trying! She also said that  if he does spit up the extra, to just try giving him heaping scoops of the formula he does eat so that it's more calorie dense. We have to go in for another weight check in a month to see if he's bulking up anymore. Hopefully he is! But other than that he's healthy and doing well, sleeping like a champ and being a happy baby!
 Before the 2 month shots!
 And after! (there was lots of crying in between these two pictures being taken)
And a MOOSE shirt!

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