Ashton's Birthday/Halloween Party

I hate blogging about things out of order however, lets just pretend that I posted this before the Idaho trip and after Derek's birthday. Deal? OK. So last Thursday on the 18th my friend Annie was having a birthday/Halloween party for her husband Asthon. It was a lot of fun and all the babies got to wear cute costumes! Also Annie is officially the world's best Halloween cake/dessert maker because she had the cutest dessert table set up and I really wish that I had gotten a picture of it! Jay was Captain America, and will be again this Thursday for our ward trunk or treat! 

 Apparently even Captain America gets sleepy!
 Captain America and his Dad
 Captain America and his Mom
 Derek likes to play with the camera with Evelynn 
 Ashton AKA Mario blowing out the candles! 

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