Bear World, and Jay's Blessing Day

This weekend we went up to Idaho to do Jay's baby blessing. We did it in Idaho because we decided that it was a lot easier for us to go to Idaho then to have Derek's whole family come down here. Jay did pretty well for the most part in the car. The way up was a little rough because we didn't time traveling perfectly to correspond with his nap time. But the way back we did! So he slept most off the way on the way home and was really content and happy, for which we are most grateful. While in Idaho we went to Bear World on Saturday with Derek's mom and dad, and his sister, Natasha, and our niece Kaylie and our nephew Aaron! It was super fun and I even got to see my first real live Moose! I was super happy! Then on Sunday we went to church at Derek's ward and then went to our niece Kaylie's ward so we could see her in her first primary program (SUPER STINKING CUTE) then the whole family gathered at Derek's parents house for the baby blessing which was super special, sacred, and sweet, and I'm glad we got to do it :)!

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