Trunk or Treat

Last Thursday our ward had it's annual Trunk or Treat/Chili Cook-off Party! It was so much fun! I think this  is the one church activity that I look forward to all year. Not that enrichment (yeah I know it's called RS Meeting now) and the Christmas Party and things like that aren't fun, but, I just like the Trunk or Treat best. Anyways, This year we dresses little Jay up as Captain America, and  Derek and I Dressed up as Captain America's mom and dad, yes I know, we never try too hard for Halloween. Maybe when Jay is bigger and we have more kids and we can all do one big group costume we'll get more into but until then, printed t-shirts for Halloween it is!

Sadly my chili didn't win the cook off! and Jay's costume didn't win an award, but in my mind, we took first place for everything... and that's all that counts right? Right? Ok coolio!

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