3 Month Old Baby!

I cannot believe that Jay is 3 months old today! I really don't know where the time has gone! I honestly at one point didn't think I would make it to see 8 weeks, and now we're past that and it's been 3 months! Wahoo! So some updates on the little man! He is not sleeping as good as he used to but he's still doing good so I won't complain! He goes to bed at 8pm still and then will sleep until around 6am, wake up and eat and then go back to sleep until 8am. So he's not sleeping straight through until 8am anymore, but I'm still grateful for the sleep I'm getting so I won't knock it! We went to the doctors last week cause Jay has an upper respiratory infection (big phrase for a cold) and they weighed him and he was 11 pounds 3 ounces and he bumped up to the 6th percentile! WOO! They didn't take his height so we don't know how much taller he has gotten but we'll find that out when we go to the doctors again this week for his height and weight check. Jay is currently wearing his 3-6 month clothes which is crazy. He just has a super long torso in comparison to the rest of his body so his 0-3 month onesies were just super tight length wise. Guess he gets that from me cause I always have to get the long and tall sizes for my undershirts but then I have midget legs. Woof. Jay is still wearing size one diapers during the day and size 2 diapers at night. he can roll over both ways on his tummy but still can't do from his back to his tummy. He loves playing with his little stuffed giraffe and he loves punching and kicking at his moose toy! It's so crazy to see him laugh and play and learn new things! I really think we have the best baby ever. JUST SAYING ;)

 3 month picture!
 Playing with his giraffe!
Watching the election together!

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