Thanksgiving 2012

This year for Thanksgiving Derek, Jay and I all went up to good Ole' St. Anthony for Thanksgiving dinner. We got there on Wednesday night and then we left Sunday afternoon! It was a fun trip and Derek and I even got to go to the Rexburg temple together for our first time! A new temple that I can finally mark off my list!

On Thanksgiving we actually didn't eat turkey, we had ham. Because everyone was going to be over at the Flamm's house on Saturday for the big turkey dinner. It was nice to switch it up, and I love ham, so WIN!

On Friday morning I went shopping with Derek's brother and sister while he stayed home and watched Jay! I scored 2 pairs of jeans for Derek at JC Penny's for $10 each, and then I got him 2 new shirts from Aero for dirt cheap as well, and then I got myself a new pair of pants for $12 from Aero and a sweater from JC Penny's for $12, and Jay a pair of Christmas PJ's from Macy's for 1/2 off! It was a very successful Black Friday adventure!

It was a very eventful weekend and I feel like this post would be so much better if I could blab the HUGE news that is going on in our lives right now! But I can't quite yet... I may have to wait until as long as the end of the week to blab! OK, have I officially made everyone mad now because I said we had BIG news and I haven't said what it is yet? Well then I guess you are DEFINITELY going to have to let you know... as soon as I can ;) But no... we're not pregnant.

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

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