Happy Day!

So as promised, to all of you who guessed where we are moving to, we are going to be living all together in Durham, North Carolina officially on January 8th! There is so much to do until then, but there is so much that we have already accomplished! We already found a place to live (THANK YOU CHARISSE), we signed our contract, bought the plane ticket for me and Jay to get to North Carolina on January 8th, and we reserved our moving pods to get here, and be packed and loaded on December 26th! So all that's left to do is finish packing, go on vacation until Christmas night, come home, pack our lives away the next day, and then sit and wait until January 2nd when Derek drives out in my car, and then sit and wait until Jay and I fly out on the 8th! Woof woof. So that's all of our moving news, and as of now all our furniture that isn't already claimed and/or sold already is now for sale! 

In other news... we put our Christmas tree up and I am obsessed with it! It's so cute and perfect! I can't wait until next year though when we're in our townhouse in NC and hopefully we'll actually be able to have a real one! That's going to be awesome!

Also, today I went to the baby shower for my friend Jaye! She is definitely the most beautiful pregnant person ever! She is definitely one of those people that rock it being pregnant! I'm so excited for her and Mason, they're going to be great parents... and Jaye, if you're reading this, sorry your present smelt like bacon, that's only a little embarrassing! 

And finally, Derek and I went on a walk with Jay around our neighborhood tonight in his stroller! And Jay is now big enough to ride in his stroller without having to be clipped into his car seat! I can't believe how big he's gotten! Also, can't believe he is going to be 4 months old next Friday! Where has the time gone people!? Hello?! Where are you time....!

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  1. That is great! North Carolina has a lot to see and do!