Trip to NY

Last Thursday Derek, Jay, and I all went to NY for the week! It was so much fun to get to see all of my family and have a good time with everyone! I really wish that I was better at keeping a journal so that I could easily remember what we did each day, but I'm going to try to remember everything off of the top of my head, and then get it down on the blog so I have some remembrance of the trip!

Thursday the 13th we traveled, all through the early hours of the morning and then got to NY at noon and just slept and relaxed for the rest of the day. We stayed the night in Saratoga at the Dennis' and we even got to meet their (niece or cousin, can't remember) Crystal, and her son Carter! Carter was so adorable and LOVED Derek! I can't wait till Jay is at that age, (14 months) so I can see what his little personality is going to be like!

Friday morning we woke up early and made the drive out to Lake Placid to see my dad! My dad absolutely loved Jay, and thought that he was the greatest thing ever! We had lunch with the sister missionaries at an all you can eat Chinese Buffet and then went home for the rest of the night to hang out at home with my dad. The next day we walked down town with my dad and had breakfast at Soul Shine Bagel. It SUCKED. I was so disappointed because that was my favorite breakfast spot in Lake Placid, and the quality of the food has just really gone down hill, so next time we're going to a new place. After that we bought a t-shirt for Jay, drove around Lake Placid to show Derek all the cool spots, and then made the 2 hour drive back home to Saratoga. 

Saturday after we drove home we showered and then went to the mall with the Dennis' and bought Jay some cute new clothes at H&M and then got him a super awesome Christmas present that will be revealed once he gets it. After our shopping trip we went to a Christmas party that was hosted by people from my old ward, so it was a ton of fun to get to catch up with a lot of the families that I used to go to church with.

Sunday we went to church at the Saratoga ward and then we went to my mom's house for the day. We had dinner there with her and Alex and then later that night my best friend Kayle from middle school, who I hadn't seen in 7 years, came over and we got to catch up! I really can't believe it's been 7 years! 

Monday we hung out around Saratoga and went out to dinner at the Circus Cafe and showed Derek the beauty of Downtown Saratoga.

Tuesday we had dentist appointments, and I need to get my wisdom teeth out the next time I go home, and Derek needs to get a cavity filled, and we were both given orders to improve our flossing, womp... womp... womp... After that we went to lunch at the Log Jam with Anthony and Nate and then Ryan waited on us, it was nice to get to see all the people that I used to work with and everything. 

Wednesday we left at 3:30 AM and then got to the airport at 4:30. When we were walking to our gate I saw Mr. Byno there (I used to babysit his son Chris) and he got us an extra seat for Jay, checked our bags for free, and upgraded us to economy class! It was awesome! Jay did a lot better on the plane on the way home, but he never was the embarrassing screaming baby, so we had no complaints! We got back to Utah at 1 and now we're kicking it in Idaho until Christmas!

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