Derek and Nathan Leaving Provo

I had forgotten that I had taken pictures when Derek and Nathan left Provo to drive out to North Carolina and then when I found them I decided I should write about their trip, cause I know they won't, they'll thank me one day :)

So Derek and Nathan left Provo on January 3rd and then drove the whole entire day until they got to Topeka Kansas where they stayed the night to get some rest. The next morning when I called them they were at the McDonald's drive thru getting some breakfast and it was probably the funniest drive thru exchange I have ever heard. 

Derek: We'll have (2) number 6 combo meals with orange juice
Lady: OK your total is 5 something please pull forward.
Derek: No, we ordered (2) number 6 combo meals
Lady: What's that?
Derek: We want to sausage egg and cheese McGriddles with Orange juices
Lady: Oh ok, your total is 10 something please pull forward.
**lady hands Derek the food and closes window**
Derek then has to knock on the window and tell them that he didn't get his orange juice. The people say that he didn't get orange juice and then he shows them his slip and then they give him the orange juice. Then as they're driving away and going through the bag, no hash browns, I was dying laughing on the phone but Derek was so frustrated haha. 

So after that they spent the rest of the day driving to Charelston, WV where they stayed the night again and then drove the rest of the way to Durham NC the next morning and got there on January 5th!

 Their manly pose before leaving!
 Driving away!
Jay sick and sad to see daddy leave

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