Jay's First Christmas

This year we were so lucky to get to spend our first family Christmas together in Idaho! We decided early on that we weren't going to spoil Jay this Christmas because it was his first Christmas and he wasn't going to remember it anyways so we we're only going to get him 1 thing. However, that lasted all the way up until the week before Christmas and then Derek and I gave into temptation and bought him some more stuff! So we originally got him a play mat that has toys hanging above him that he can hit at from Ikea for $20! Great deal right!? Then I was at the dollar store and they had a TON of board books there, so I couldn't resist, and bought him, 11... please don't judge me! Then also at the dollar store they had bowls and spoons for babies which I justified getting for his stocking since he is going to start eating soon! Then when we were in NY we saw this iPhone holder thing made by Fisher Price that holds your iPhone and then has apps for the baby loaded onto it once you put your phone in it, Derek thought that was awesome, so then... another $20 spent! However, I feel good about justifying what we spent cause everything we bought can definitely be used for the rest of our potential children. 

Derek and I both stayed small for each other this year since we we're moving and needed to save our money for the move and everything but we definitely scored big from the Dennis family! And we definitely love them A LOT! 

Anyways the best part of Christmas was really getting to spend it with Jay and getting to celebrate it as a family! I love that little man a whole heck of a lot! He's such a happy baby, which is what makes him amazing!

Also, I should mention that the answer to world peace is DEFINITELY Jay! When we were in the airports and on the airplanes going to and from New York, Jay would just smile at everyone he saw and made them so happy! One lady almost died I think when Jay kept smiling at her! He's such a cutie baby! They should have him sit in on meetings at the UN! Deal? Cool!

Derek had to work again the day after Christmas so we left Idaho the night of Christmas like we did last year but it was still a fun filled Christmas day!

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  1. Oh my goodness Kyle has chunked up and is soooo cute! Good luck with your move!