North Carolina!

We are finally in North Carolina! The last week has been completely insane! Derek and Nathan left Provo last Thursday and began the drive out here to North Carolina. They made the trip in about 2 days and were completely exhausted when they got here. The next day they were here they went to go do some laundry and of course the whole bedroom upstairs where the washer is flooded, all the way downstairs through the ceiling into our living room. Apparently this isn't a maintenance emergency because they said they would come between 24-48 hours to fix it! Seriously?! So when the guy finally gets here there are water stains on the ceiling and the floor is completely wet upstairs, and the guy just messes with stuff for a couple minutes and then leaves, doesn't address the wet ceiling downstairs and we still have a wet carpet in Jay's room upstairs. SO frustrating. If we get mold I'm going to be SO ticked off. PS, floor is still wet and its almost been a week,

So then after Derek and Nathan left I stayed at my friends Marissa and Tyson's place for 2 nights before going up to Salt Lake to stay at Natasha's house the last night. I left Utah at 4:00 and got to Raleigh at about 11:30PM. Since then it's just been unpacking, buying furniture, sleeping, eating and doing homework.

This semester I have to admit that I might be clinically insane! I'm taking 16 credits and have a total of 6 classes! I'm taking accounting, economics, english, math, religion and science! Woof! So pretty much every class has 1000 assignments all do by tomorrow and don't worry I am procrastinating by writing in the blog instead of doing homework, but I have gotten a lot done already before our internet go hooked up 15 minutes  ago! I've been going to the library everyday that's just right down the street from our place and doing a couple hours of work every day.

Sorry this post is really out of order but other random things keep popping in my head that I want to write about. So our place is actually really nice minus the whole washer incident. Downstairs we have a living room, kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, and a dining room and a half bathroom. Upstairs we have 2 bedrooms, with a washer and dryer in one of them and a whole bathroom. There are also 2 hall closets which are really nice for storage, and both bedrooms have good sized closets as well.

Our place is still a mess and so I don't want to post pictures until it all looks nice. Derek doesn't like our place that much because he thinks its smaller than our place in Provo, and the floors creak A LOT, which is annoying to him. But I told him we just have to be here 2 years and by then we should have enough saved to buy a house, so having that goal in mind is really nice.

Nathan left to go back to Salt Lake on Thursday and don't judge me but I did kind of cry a little when we dropped him off at the airport. Guess I must like him or something? Strange... Anyways North Carolina is pretty cool and I like it so far and I love the area we are living in. Derek finally got his official job offer in the mail yesterday and he signed it and sent it off. He will be working from 4pm-1am, which kind of stinks but I actually like it because Jay goes to bed at 8 and so I can just work on homework until he gets home which is awesome since I have A TON!

Anyways this post is too long now! See yah!

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