Our New Place in NC!

Everyone has been telling us that they want to see pictures of our new place out here in Durham, NC and I've been waiting to take pictures because I wanted to wait until it was "perfect", but then I got over myself today and decided to just take pictures anyways, even though our dining room is still a mess with no table in it, and our pictures aren't all on the walls (I'm actually having an interior design crisis so if any of my new NC friends want to come over and tell me where to hang my pictures, that would be lovely!) But here you have our happy home! 
 Living room with doors going out to our little fence in patio-ish area
 Living room from the other side
 our cozy little kitchen 
 our dinning room, don't judge. 
 upstairs bathroom, we have another one, but once you've seen one toilet on a blog I think 2 is overkill 
 Our new bed!
 Other side of the bedroom!
 Washer and dryer!
Jay's room! Jay did have a wonderful changing table that matched the crib, but when we got here Derek decided that he was too big for it and said to just put it in the closet until baby #2 gets here, but I personally think he just didn't want to put it together again, and who can blame him, moving kind of stunk! 

By the way, the baby number two comment was not a pregnancy announcement. I am not pregnant, and will not be for a long time. 

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