6 Month Jay!

I really cannot believe that Jay is 6 months, and 6 days old now! Holy Cow! The time has really flown by! We don't go to the doctor until next week so I won't know his new stats until then but here is a quick update on the things they Jay is up to, and the things that we are up to. 

Jay is all over the place! Oh, you think that means he's crawling? Nope, not yet, Jay believes that rolling is a more effective way of getting from place to place and is feeling pretty good about it for the time being. He is pretty good at scooting backwards, and he's starting to get on his hands and knees in crawling position but then he will just collapse down into downward dog and take a break. I think that we will definitely have crawling down by 7 months, he is so close!

No sign of teeth yet, this guy is still all gums! He hasn't tried any new foods yet since I last wrote about that. He's just eating in larger portions now!

This kid is rocking the 3 month size diapers and the 6-9 month clothes! We just packed away all the 6 month stuff today into a box. I swear are next child better be a boy so we don't have to buy all new clothes again. Wooof. 

Other than that not too much is going on, Derek loves his job, and we're both still plugging away at school! We're trying to go to the ocean once the weather gets better, since it's only a 2.5 hour drive, but the weather here in Durham seems to be warmer than at Carolina Coast each weekend so we're still holding out for a while. I think when we moved here in my mind I thought it was going to be like Florida. Don't judge me. However, I'm sure it's going to be plenty toasty here this summer. 

6 month baby!

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