Valentine's 2013

I firmly believe that all holidays are some much more fun with a baby! It's so fun to go in and wake Jay up every holiday and get all excited with him about it and then he just smiles big since he has no idea what's going on. Today for Valentine's Derek worked from 8-3 and then he had an eye doctor appointment. Jay and I spent the beginning of our day by playing at home and then going to our usual Thursday playgroup and then we took naps while we waited for dad to come home. When Derek got home we drove to Krispy Kreme for a Valentine's Day treat and then we ordered Pizza Hut for dinner. Except Pizza Hut said our order would be ready at 6:46 and when I got there it was still 10 tickets behind a bunch of other people and so I told them to cancel the order and we went home. Derek ate a corn dog, and I ate donuts, but it was still awesome! This year as far as gifts go, Derek got me 1 rose since I told him to stop spending all the money on a dozen, it was super sweet. Then we decided to just buy ourselves some clothes since we both needed new ones desperately. And of course Jay got a cute onesie for today and lots of hugs and kisses. 

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