Kitchen Spotlight: Adventures in Cooking

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm excited to share with you yet another amazingly awesome guest blogger over here on my little piece of the internet! Meet Eva! She blogs over at Adventures in Cooking, making anything from authentic Greek cuisine, to delicious baked goods such as Strawberry Banana Bread. One thing I really love about this blog is that everything Eva makes is unique. If you want a blog that's just your basic comfort foods and grandma's chocolate chip cookies, this may not be the one for you. However, if your looking for things that outside of the box, original, and delicious, then you should definitely go and check out Eva's blog. Like right now. You'll have a visual food party! Here's a little sneak peek for you!

Is your stomach growling like a banshee right now after looking at all those pictures? And sorry if it was really obvious that I may or may not have been craving apples while writing this post. I promise there is a lot more to Eva's blog than apples. But you're going to have to go over there and check her out! I was privileged to get to ask Eva a few questions and get to know her better, here's what she had to say:

What got you into cooking?
My parents had a Greek deli growing up, and both of my parents are excellent cooks and always made us meals from scratch. As a little kid it was a treat to be able to lend a hand in the kitchen, whether it was stirring a pot or peeling a cucumber. I remember the first time I cut bread by myself I cut my finger, and the first time I made cookies on my own I burnt them to a crisp because I didn't realize cookies hardened as they cooled, but I am glad that my parents trusted me to experiment in the kitchen at a young age and help out at the restaurant.

Why did you want to start a blog?
I had bought my parents a big cooking journal for Christmas the year I started the blog. It was this giant binder that you could fill up with your family's recipes. I loved the idea of cataloguing your personal recipes over time, and decided that I could do that in blog form so I gave it a go. So I first started my blog as a way to share recipes with my friends and family. And I'd always been into photography, but never really thought of applying it to the food on my blog until I came across sites like Canelle Vanillle, which were very inspirational. Now the purpose is still to share recipes with people, but also to share my photography as well.

What are your favorite things to cook?
I really like making custards. It's a slow process, with the gentle heating on the stove top and then the baking in the oven, but the end result is always so delicious
What advice do you have for bloggers who are just starting out?
Make other food blogger friends and read and look at a lot of good food blogs for inspiration. Making friends in the blogging community is fun, and it also helps provide you with connections if you have any blog-related issues or questions. Looking at a wide variety of other blogs always provides me with inspiration for photographs. For a long time I did only brightly-styled photographs, but after seeing the dimension that comes from darker photos I started trying it on my own and loved the result!

What is your favorite thing to eat?
Probably my dad's kalamari with tzitziki sauce for dipping. I also loooooove crab cakes. And custard. And chocolate.

Any last remarks?
Don't be afraid to try new foods or cooking techniques. You'll never know what you might love if you never give it a shot :)

As you can see Eva is one awesome and cool girl! You should really go over to her site and check out all of her wonderful recipes! And a BIG THANK YOU to Eva of Adventures in Cooking for being a Guest Blogger over here today!


  1. Wow, she's amazing and love her food and photography. Thank you for featuring Eva!

  2. Thank you so very much Paige for featuring me!